Rollout, RealFi and Renewable Energy

Rollout, RealFi and Renewable Energy

WMT | AMA | 16.02.22
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Join World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins and special guests talking rollout, RealFi and renewable energy and answering your questions.


Micky Watkins | CEO, World Mobile

Andrew Soper | CCO, World Mobile

RJ Katunda | CXO, World Mobile

John O'Connor | African Operations Director, IOHK


00:00 Introduction

02:21 What are the RealFi applications IOHK plans to launch and when are they expected to launch?

04:49 Will WMT work with Mpower on some level?

05:27 In Tanzania, 38% of people have access to electricity, how important is the AirNode for letting people charge their phones?

07:51 I have concerns of security of on the ground assets in Africa, what's the reality on the ground?

11:36 What kind of financing and support options are available for AirNode operators? What barriers to entry are there?

15:11 What is the expected ROI for locals deploying AirNodes?

18:30 What sets World Mobile apart from the local competition?

24:17 How are people going to feel about seeing balloons in the air?

26:20 Can you disclose any more information about the secret meeting you had in Paris?

27:40 Can you explain what RealFi is?

29:28 Why is digital ID important?

30:44 Now that the rollout is happening, at what stage will IOHK work with WM to deliver digital IDs?

32:07 Is there a plan to pilot WM in secluded villages in South Africa?

34:48 Is Steve (the new CMO) working on the ground in Zanizbar?

36:10 How is renewable energy being worked into the WM network?

37:17 Will connecting the connected destroy their substance?

42:06 How many users has WM connected to the internet at the moment?

43:46 How can you create such an experienced team all over the world?

47:00 Does John love Micky, Andrew and RJ as much as it looks like?

48:26 Africa is the most unconnected continent on earth, what do you think needs to happen?

49:48 Any partnership talks with charities, telcos, phone makers and NGOs?

50:30 I'm a potential customer in one of your markets, what does the onboarding process look like when I don’t have a digital ID?