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KYC is only for Project Owners

As you know, at Krypto.ist we take the safety of investors very seriously. We hate scams and rug-pulls and, because of that, we have built many features and tools for you to be able to make informed decisions as to whether a project is worth investing in or not.

Scrolling through the list of current and past projects, you might have noticed that several projects have a KYC badge next to their names. This brief article is designed to explain what that means and what it entails for all stakeholders.
KYC Explained
At Krypto.ist, Know Your Customer, or KYC is the process of identity verification to ascertain that the person speaking to us is really who she/he says they are. How does it work? The identities of the project owner are determined by submitting ID documentation (Passport, National ID) to a platform. This is similar to the KYC process needed when opening up a trading account on a major exchange like Binance, for example.
What Does it Mean For You?
The KYC process aims to rid our platform of scams and rug-pulls by acting as a deterrent for dubious developers. If any of the KYC'ed project’s team members scams investors:
  • We will reveal their identities.
  • We will make this information public for those wanting to file criminal charges.
To investors: If you have serious reservations about a project, and you have proofs that the project is a scam, please contact us ASAP, supplying as much evidence as possible. We will go through the claim and let you know the result of our investigation.
To project owners: If you want investors to trust you, we highly recommend that you approach our KYC Manager on Telegram and apply for KYC verification. This will bring legitimacy to your project. KYC may take 24 – 48 hours so please contact us asap.
The KYC service on Krypto.ist is another of the great features making us an outstanding platform. It will also help further in cleaning up the crypto industry, making people realize that they are accountable for their actions, even in a decentralized world.
Important Disclaimer
A project receiving the KYC badge does not mean in any way that we approve or recommend that project, even if we host an AMA with them. Please always DYOR before investing.