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Choose one of the following elements to learn more about Krypto.ist

What is Krypto.ist?

Krypto.ist is a visibility platform for coins, NFTs & all around crypto.

Here you can discover awesome projects and their services & products, vote for your favorite projects and discuss with our community.

What are the advantages of Krypto.ist?

Krypto.ist let's you create highly appealing professional profiles for your Coin or NFT business.

Our search page offers diverse filters to narrow down your search.

Vote projects, connect with other crypto enthusiasts through events and read or write interesting news.

Can I register for free? (YES)

You can register your account for free through this link:
Register Now
Now you can use our system to save your watchlist and write reviews or comments on Krypto.ist.

If you want to create your own listing,
learn more about our membership plans.

Are there any costs for Krypto.ist membership plans?

Krypto.ist offers different membership plans for coins & NFTs. Each listing type has it's own plans, a “free plan" & a “paid plan".

You can find all plan pages through these links:

All Plans | Coin Plans | NFT Plans

How can I purchase membership plans?

You can purchase membership plans and promotions using your Paypal or Stripe account as well as via Crypto.

After you have chosen your membership plan contact us through the form, so we will get back to you on the payment.

How can I upgrade my membership plan?

You can always upgrade your membership plan through our form.

Navigate to the listing you want to change the plan for. Copy the name and get in contact with us.

How can I post articles & events?

To add a new blog article you only need to be registered. You don't need to have a Coin/NFT-Profile to be able to add new posts.

If you already have created a Profile you can link your posts to it, to get even more visibility.

How can I contact your support?

We are happy to help you on any issue or question.
Please also feel free to provide us with your feedback.

Just click on “Community & Support" and drop us a message.

How can I change my personal data?

Log in to your account and navigate to your “Dashboard" -> “My Account"

Here you can change your “Display Name" and your “User Avatar".

How can I delete my account?

You can request deletion of your account from your Dashboard.

Please remember that all your listings will be deleted permanently.

Will there be a mobile app soon?

We are working on bringing you a native mobile experience for Android and iOS very soon.

Stay tuned.