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LNR | AMA | 16.04.22
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Lunar Crystal Presale will be on the 27/04/22
and Public Sale will be at the 28/04.
We have a new Whitelist, because the old whitelist was outdated and didn’t specify which wallets were compatible with our minting site. If you filled out the old Whitelist don’t worry, it will still count. But in order to get your spot you have to fill out the new one too with the same wallet address that you used in the old Whitelist!
These NFT's are core-central to our strategy to build the ecosystem to the scale and provide the functionality that we envision for it. Have in Mind that there is always a much greater motive behind the things we do, so don't miss out!

Many marketing Campaigns went live yesterday, with one being potentially the biggest Agency in the NFT Space.

They target Real organic Followers. Our Target-goal is to gain 22-24K new Discord members. They promised they don’t run any shady Campaign in which Bot will take place. This means all of the new 22-24K Community members will be 100% organic and real.

We also have an Instagram Campaign running about the Crystals and the NFT Expo Giveaway. Today a handful of IG Influencers with a large Follower-base have posted about the Giveaway. And a lot will follow over the next week. In addition SatoshiStacker will post about Lunar and the Crystals on all his different Youtube Channels.

We’re also working heavily on Out of Home Marketing like Billboards, Buses, Buildings + more… We target some especially for us beneficial Crypto related Places like New York, Miami, San Francisco …

In addition we work with a company that is specialized in this. They do digital marketing as well and we will look deeper into how we can navigate the Campaigns to get the maximum out of it.

Yesterday we introduced more Moderators, to help with all your questions whenever you have them. Besides that we are working on a schedule-channel in which for example new people can easily look up when and where the next AMA is going to take place by using a command.

In the discord we have now a Sub-channel about the Lunar Crystals which includes FAQ, Specs and attributes of the Crystals. Also we have a separate Announcement channel for NFT Announcements only + a how to Mint Explanation Channel.

At the beginning of May the day after the Crystal Reveal we’re going to have a Listing Announcement.
The Exchange that we get listed on is very huge and is going to be available for US Customers too! We can’t give any further information. But we believe a lot of people know the exchange and probably used it before. We’re super hyped and hopefully you are too!

Apollo was able to talk to Rich, one of the Members at the Planetary Society. In our partnered Contest over 1600 people entered the Competition and over 100 People became a member of the Planetary Society. We thank everyone who anticipated in this Contest and also are looking forward in building our relationship with the Planetary Society

Out of this World Winner Announcement:

The 5th Prize goes to Mike Turner winning a Planetary Society Logo Pen thats made of 100% aerospace grade Carbon fiber + a Planetary Society T-Shirt

The 4th Prize goes to Michael Torres winning postcards from their Mars Book + Framed Photographs autographed by the author and Planetary Society Board Member Doc. Jim Bell + a Planetary Society T-Shirt

The third Prize goes to Steve Martini winning a set of 4 8 by 10 deep Space print images + a Planetary Society T-Shirt

The Second Prize goes to Gabrielle Bogdin winning a custom Planetary Society Black brass Telescope + a Planetary Society T-Shirt

The First Prize goes to Roberta Thompson winning the incredible looking super awesome real Meteorite + a Planetary Society T-Shirt.

All Winner's will be contacted via Email

Like in every AMA we have some Questions asked directly from the Community which are answered from the Developers and/or Founders of Lunar. If you’re curios about what has been asked or maybe have a question yourself than please check out the Lunar Discord.

As always,
Stay tuned and see you on the Moon!