Investing in Virtual Reality with Mary Spio

Investing in Virtual Reality with Mary Spio Verified

CEEK | Interview | 14.07.21
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How will virtual reality change the world of entertainment? Until quite recently, VR technology was expensive, impractical, and almost restricted to the gamer community. Not exactly what you'd call inclusive. But the landscape is changing – fast! Today, technological advances allow us to have the same communal experience of being at a Madison Square Garden concert – but sitting on a couch using VR headsets. That's what deep space engineer and entrepreneur Mary Spio envisioned when she founded CEEK VR, a developer of innovative content tools for distributing virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Mary combined her experience in satellite streaming with her passion for entertainment to build state-of-the-art VR technology that, besides providing more comfort to the user, can stream media from practically any device anywhere in the world. The traditional model for digital media publishing is slow and limited. CEEK's blockchain-based system allows tasks like validating content streams and making payments to be handled in a much faster and safer way. So it's no surprise that the platform has become a favorite for international superstars such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Ziggy Marley. In this episode of Profit to the People, we welcome Mary to learn about her incredible journey, from working in McDonald's to becoming a successful founder. Mary discusses the importance of making live media accessible and how crypto and blockchain are making it possible.