Blockchain and Balloons to the Unconnected Billions

Blockchain and Balloons to the Unconnected Billions

WMT | AMA | 25.01.22
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Micky Watkins | CEO, World Mobile

Alex Luebke | Alta / LTA Networks Connectivity Director | World Mobile Partner

James Tagg | President & CTO, LTA Networks / Alta | World Mobile Partner

Ben Glass | CEO & CTO, Altaeros | World Mobile Partner

Alan Omnet | COO & Co Founder, World Mobile


00:00 Introduction

02:54 Which Altaeros product will WM be using?

03:46 How do aerostats fit into the WM network?

05:07 What is WM doing to penetrate existing markets?

06:03 What is the expected coverage of a single aerostat?

06:59 Everything you need to know about earth nodes.

8:29 What data will be stored on the blockchain and how does the Cardano blockchain fit in?

10:07 Has James Tagg built eight telecoms networks from scratch?

11:11 What are the differences between WM and Starlink?

15:09 Altaeros and fibre optics.

16:32 Does the blimp have a GPS?

18:18 Do you think WM has a realistic goal?

19:29 Alex Luebke and Google.

21:29 What happens when there is a storm?

23:49 Everything you need to know about helium.

26:52 How is WM profitable?

29:07 What is the price difference between using an aerostat compared to legacy infrastructure?

30:42 How will WM succeed?

32:13 How will multiple nodes work together?

33:42 What's unique about Altaeros?

37:32 What is the difference between World Mobile and World Mobile Token?

38:11 Will there be any latency issues using multiple nodes?

39:06 When will we get earth node requirements?

39:38 How are WM creating jobs in local communities and how do they plan to educate people on how nodes work?

41:10 What keeps you motivated?

42:03 How do you stop people vandalising equipment?

43:58 Are you going to be doing more AMA's like this?