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Here at Raptor Finance, our goal is to build a decentralized, green DEX platform (RaptorSwap) and green blockchain (RaptorChain). We at Raptor Finance feel that the crypto industry is not sustainable and green enough, we are going to change that! Our platform will be hosted on servers that are powered by green electricity, our UK data center uses 100% green-sourced power as specified by E.ON, and as regulated by Ofgem. Additionally, we are planting trees every day to ensure that the world is becoming a greener place! With RaptorSwap, we will be collecting fees on all transactions, and unlike any other DEX/CEX platform, we will have a fixed percentage of these fees going directly to our donation wallet. This means that we will have a constant stream of our earnings going to our donation wallet. Therefore, the bigger we become, the greater our impact can be! We at Raptor Finance aim to donate these earnings to charities/projects/foundations that help the fight against climate change through technology. We strongly believe that it’s impossible to change the behavior of enough people on this planet in time to save our planet, so we need technology to help do that! We are not saying that anyone who doesn’t think about climate change is bad, because realistically if you earn 10 dollars a day you, unfortunately, don’t have the time to think about the climate. This is one of a multitude of reasons why people aren’t thinking about climate change. But we do! And that is the reason we started this project! So what is our plan? Begin our movement! Join us and become part of the RaptorFamily! Launch our range of products according to our roadmap Start various green initiatives (e.g. clean-up giveaways, planting trees, etc.) Support/donate to research/projects that make a real impact Support/donate to educational projects around the world that teach people about the importance of taking care of our planet

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