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BSCurbate Adult Ecosystem-Crypto Payments & $BSCurbate Utility Token BSCurbate Ecosystem incorporates $BSCurbate Token, BSCurbate Portal, BSCurbate Tube (Beta Release Soon) with the purpose of allowing users to anonymously enjoy 18+ content with the use of crypto and $BSCurbate Token (Tipping/Donations)! BSCurbate Adult Ecosystem is providing working product already (BSCurbate Portal)! The main idea of BSCurbate Adult Ecosystem is based on allowing an adult content creators to be heard, empowered and rewarded. By doing so, we have created a playground which provides a safety of expression as well as a significant rewards system which includes crypto to $ payments and the $BSCurbate Token with the current use of tipping/donating adult content creators and users alike. Furthermore, BSCurbate Adult Ecosystem is developing and expanding; BSCurbate Tube (Beta) will be released by 22/01/2021 (ETA) allowing crypto to $ payments whereas BSCurbate Cams is under active development. Audit/KYC/LP Lock/Vesting - Done - Check ‘DYOR’